Google Reader for Nokia N8

Google Reader for Nokia N8

This neat little application, called NewsFlow, is a simple yet effective Google Reader that is based on the Qt Quick technology. The application is available for use on Symbian^3 devices and Maemo, along with the upcoming MeeGo devices – but we need not worry about these, we’re more interested in the Nokia N8 specific app as explained below.

Google Reader is just another way for you to keep up-to-date with your RSS feeds, in an organised and uniform fashion. If you wanted to see news that related, for example, only to the Nokia N8 – well now you can with the NewsFlow Google Reader for the Nokia N8.

No more having to search around various different websites, potentially wasting time, to find all your news sources and different news items. Just configure this application correctly and you can have all that information put into a central place, making it easier than ever to keep up-to-date.

A feed is something like you see on our website, here. It just adds all the information from the website into a none formatted page, making it readable to RSS readers without reading all the unnecessary HTML and CSS information.

NewsFlow isn’t yet available, however we will let you guys know the moment it does come out for general public release – which shouldn’t be too long now.