Gravity guy for Nokia N8

Gravity Guy for Nokia N8

Miniclip not too long ago released another title for the Nokia N8 in the form of Gravity Guy. If you like the older generation of 2D platform titles then Gravity Guy will probably be just for you. It’s part of the newer generation ‘one finger’ games, which as stated needs just one finger to play the game – pretty unique, clever and easy to play.

The whole idea behind the game is impressively simple to understand and carry out. Simply tap the screen to go up and tap again should you want to go down. You have to navigate your way through obstacles, though make sure you do dodge them otherwise you will be caught and it will be game over.

Gravity Guy is in a way just a running game however it keeps itself from being just that by having a mixture of unique and traditional platforming traditions. The game requires skill in order to prevail and this is clear from almost the outset, however don’t worry too much if you lack any kind of game skills as its great for newbies too, it’s just about the learning curve.

A great addition to the game is the power-ups which come in the form of acceleration pads, these test your reactions to the max as you progress through the levels. Gathering and utilising power-ups whilst navigating your way through a tricky course, along with being chased by your enemy adds to the frustration of being caught – these are great ingredients for a platform game.

It’s safe to say that not only is the in-game mechanics and styling very well done but also the menu screen and ‘how to play’ screens are superbly presented. To keep the game competitive and ever more entertaining, there is the added option of local multiplayer; if you’re like me and are rather competitive, this comes as a great addition (it sucks having a friend beat you at any game, or at least it does for me).

Already have the game? We would be keen to hear what you think of Gravity Guy.

Download: Gravity Guy for Nokia N8