Hero of Sparta free on Nokia N8

Hero of Sparta FREE on Nokia N8

Hero of Sparta is currently available, for a limited time, totally free of charge. The game is excellent, even if you pay for it – so whilst it’s free, get your hands on it before this offer runs out. It’s available to all Nokia N8 users and everyone who loves gaming on their phones should get hold of a copy of this excellent game.

In Hero of Sparta, you wake up alone on an unknown beach and your entire fleet and boat are missing. This is just the start of an epic journey that will let you know just what the gods are up to, with you, King Argos. Battle like the fierce warrior you are to avoid death as you adventure your way from the Oracle’s Island to the utter devastation of the Underworld.

You will be fighting against the most phenomenal mythological monsters in order to keep yourself alive. Monsters such as Cerberus and the Cyclops must be defeated in this epic game of adventure and fighting. You have the ability to leave your own mark, as a legend of Sparta.

The graphics on this game are fantastic and the character development is also an excellent little addition to a game that, for free or paid, is a totally addictive and time-passing game. If you want to get your hands on Hero of Sparta for your Nokia N8, then simply log on to www.gameloft.com via your Nokia N8 browser.