High definition gaming on Nokia N8

High Definition (HD) games for Nokia N8

Gaming has evolved greatly on mobile phones and with recent technologies advancing at a super-fast pace, we are now able to play high definition games on our mobile phones. If you have a Nokia N8, then check out these games – all of which are in high definition, making your gaming experience even more pleasurable.

Hero of Sparta HD – Action

This game brings with it amazingly awesome graphics, wars and fast-paced action as you battle the many enemies of the game. The game is definitely helped by it’s graphics, which are in high definition, which you can certainly tell from the moment you load up the game on your Nokia N8.

You play the role of a Greek soldier that finds himself waking up alone on an unknown beach – your boat and your entire fleet are missing. This is the beginning of an epic journey that will lead you to find out just what type of game the gods are playing with you – a mere mortal – King Argos. Battle like a fierce and strong Spartan warrior and avoid death as your journey takes you from the Oracle’s Island to the depths of the Underworld.

You will be fighting the most epic of monsters from Greek mythology, defeating Cerberus and the mighty, colossal Cyclops. This is your very own chance to write your own history and forge yourself as a legend in your own right.

Price: €3.00 / £3.00
Download: Hero of Sparta HD for Nokia N8

The Sims 3 HD – Simulation

If you’ve never heard of it before, then you probably should have – The Sims 3 HD brings with it lots of cool features, exciting new gameplay, great graphics and endless possibilities all from your Nokia N8. There are many moments of surprise and mischief as you decide whether or not you want to fulfill your Sims dreams and make their ultimate wishes come true.

Create and customise your Sims appearance and their personality – will they be chilled out, calm and collective, or will they be crazy, busy and full of ideas. Take your Sims out of their houses and take them into the neighbourhood with tonnes of new gameplay. All in all, The Sims 3 HD for the Nokia N8 is a great little game for fans of their epic series on the PC.

Price: €3.00 / £3.00
Download: The Sims 3 HD for Nokia N8

Asphalt 5 HD – Racing

Racing games are as imaginative and graphically intense now as ever before and with this game, everything you have ever dreamed of doing behind the wheel of your favourite car is here on your Nokia N8 mobile phone. There is a choice of 29 vehicles from the worlds most prestigious manufacturers, such as; Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi and Ducati).

Turn the world into your racetrack as you zoom around the tracks in 12 different locations across the world, including the likes of St Tropez, Aspen and even Las Vegas. Test your driving skills amongst the professionals and prove your worth as the worlds best driver. With new ways to challenge yourself in 8 different racing events – will you be the next Lewis Hamilton?

Price: €3.00 / £3.00
Download: Asphalt 5 HD for Nokia N8

Monopoly Classic HD – Strategy

Everyone should of heard of Monopoly, the worlds most favourite and most popular board game of the last 20 years. It’s a game of strategy that requires you to rule the board and get money from your enemies by purchasing properties. The game is now available on your Nokia N8, which can be played on-the-go at any time you want – packed full with features and everything you would expect from the original board game.

The graphics are great, not only are they great but they are in high definition – or at least according to the publisher. All of the original locations, tokens and rules makes for a really great mobile phone game. Do you have what it takes to make the best deals and take over the world (well, okay, the board) and dominate your opposition?

Price: €4.00 / £4.00
Download: Monopoly Classic HD for Nokia N8

Tetris HD – Arcade

Tetris is one of the most popular games on handheld devices, ever since the Gameboy era back in the 90′s. If you’re a fan of Tetris, then this high definition version for your Nokia N8 will blow your mind – the graphics and gameplay are sheer excellence. The game is played and loved by over 60 million players worldwide and with the added features to make it the perfect game for your mobile, this is a must have for Tetris fans with a Nokia N8.

Not only is the game in high definition, but also comes with three brand new variants of the game that will keep you entertained for hours at a time – the game types fit the average casual player and even the Tetris-pro’s of you out there.

Price: €4.00 / £4.00
Download: Tetris HD for Nokia N8