How to add animated background to Nokia N8

With the new Symbian^3 operating system comes many new improvements and one of those is the ability to use animated menus and backgrounds on your Nokia N8. It’s a big difference to what most people are used to, however it looks awesome.

You will notice that the different themes on your Nokia N8 all come with coloured backgrounds. The difference being that unlike your regular photographs, these backgrounds are not static – they come with colours that shift across the screen if the feature is activated.

If you want to get animation on your menus or backgrounds, then follow these instructions; go to settings and then themes. From here click on general and then choose the theme that you want to use. When you have done this, click on options, animated backgrounds and then choose on. Once done, click on theme effects and ensure that this is turned on as well.

Go back to your homscreen and change the background to the default theme settings. To do this tap on options and edit your homescreen – click on options and then default wallpaper. Instead of displaying your own photograph the wallpaper should now be set to the default theme setting.

This change will only effect one of three of the homescreens, so you can leave your photographs or whatever on the others or even change all three so they look the same – it all totally depends on your own personal preferences.

You may now also notice that the menu has been slightly updated, changing the way it appears when you tap on the menu button. Instead of just appearing, there’s now a transformation between the homescren and the menu with the colours adjusting gradually but surely. It still offers exactly the same functionality however now should look absolutely fantastic.

That’s it, you should now have a much better looking background and menu, without being ‘too’ different.