How to add contact shortcut to home page

The Nokia N8 is an excellent piece of technology, at least where smartphones and modern technology are concerned and has masses of cool features that most people probably aren’t aware of.

With the Symbian^3 operating system on the Nokia N8, features and the ability to create shortcuts are in abundance. On this occasion, we will be telling you how to add a contact shortcut to your home page, read on to find out how.

The Symbian ^3 operating system on the Nokia N8 offers loads of lots of neat features, one of them being the ability to use shortcuts for your favourite contacts. You can add a widget that displays up to 20 contacts and even allows you to add photographs for each contact – so when you want to call your friend, simply tap your desired contact of who you want to call or text message.

When you get your Nokia N8, it comes pre-installed with a contact widget and is all ready to go straight out of the box. Just tap the widget to start adding your favourite numbers and choose your desired contact, then press OK – hey-presto, you’ve added your first contact.

Now, to the right you will see “Add” and “Remove” options respectively – you can add up to 20 of your friends, colleagues and favourite takeaway food numbers using the same process as explained above. You will only be able to see four contact, however if you scroll to the right of left, you will see more contacts.