Nokia N8 how to add photographs to contacts

How to add photographs to contacts on Nokia N8

If you want to add photographs to your contact list on the Nokia N8, whether it’s for visual purposes or just because, at a glance, you can see who is calling you – this guide will help you achieve that.

For starts, you will need to click on the contact which you would like to add a photograph for. Once done, tap on the tab on the top right of the screen, then tap Options and then Edit. Now you will need to scroll down and press “Add image” – from this point on just simply choose the photograph that you want to be displayed.

That’s it, you’ve just added a photograph to a contact, making your Nokia N8 more visually appealing and handy, with the ability to see who is calling you at a glance. What’s more, your photographs will be automatically displayed on the contacts widget, if you have it set-up correctly.

Your Nokia N8 comes pre-installed with the contact widget, which will be ready for action straight out of the box – all you need to do it add contacts to it. Your contact widget box, by default, is already on the main screen so just tap on where you see “Add your most important contacts here” and choose the contact of your choice. If, however, there is no contact widget on the main screen for some reason, tap and hold an empty widget area until it vibrates – now choose “Favourites” – you should now have your favourite contacts listed inside the widget along with the desired photograph (if you’ve already chosen one as described above).

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When you get your Nokia N8, it comes pre-installed with a contact widget and is all ready to go straight out of the box. Just tap the widget to start adding your favourite numbers and choose your desired contact, then press OK – hey-presto, you’ve added your first contact.