Nokia N8 change wallpaper

How to add wallpaper to Nokia N8

Okay, so earlier today I was writing a new article where I had to set a new wallpaper on my Nokia N8, yet after several minutes of searching through settings I couldn’t find where I had to go to add a new wallpaper. This is usually very easy and very straightforward on most smart phones, but it seems a little more ‘hidden’ on the Nokia N8 compared to its competitors – so I thought i’d share how to do it with everyone else.

Adding a wallpaper to your Nokia N8 is an awesome way to personalise the way your phone looks and feels, it offers a way to give your phone its own personality, well, merely transferring your personality on to your phone – which is of course just great. That, along with the ability to add ringtones from custom .mp3 files gives phone on overall personalised feel.

If it took me 10 minutes to finally find where to add a new wallpaper, I wondered how many other people had the same issue – surely i’m not just that stupid? Or maybe I am, who knows. Anyway, after searching for a while I found the solution: First go to the home screen in which you want to add a wallpaper and then tap Options > Edit home screen > Options > Change wallpaper > Image > Select image of your choice.

So yeah, it’s a fairly simple process but for someone who has never done it before, it can be very confusing and somewhat time consuming. In the future, Nokia should add a new way to edit the wallpaper via the Settings tab, which would help those who are looking everywhere but not finding a way to do it.