How to format your Nokia N8

How to format your Nokia N8

Sometimes, due to various software issues you require a full format of your mobile phone, or even if you use programs like FontRouter, then this is the only feasible solution to fixing a bricked Nokia N8 – so if you’re unlucky enough to have issues with your phone, or simply want to start a-fresh, then this is the solution for you.

Note: Due to a few issues, which are described below, you should only ever format your Nokia N8 as a very last resort.

Step 1: Turn your Nokia N8 OFF

Step 2: Hold Volume Down + Camera Key + Menu Key at the same time and press power button until your phone vibrates.

Step 3: Wait until the screen comes back on.

Now you should have successfully reset your Nokia N8 mobile phone – if it didn’t work, try these steps again.

The only issue with formatting your Nokia N8 is that you will lose the Ovi Maps from your phone, however this can always be downloaded again via this link. You may also notice that you no longer have Ovi Store 2.0, though when trying to download again you will receive an error message “Unable to reinstall”.

Please be aware of the above possible risks before doing this, however it will resolve various software issues that you may encounter during your time owning a Nokia N8. If you have tried formatting your Nokia N8, please let us know how it went and if you experienced any of the issues such as above.

Update: According to Nokia, this method is for use only for Nokia care staff, however the use of this formatting method is entirely up to the end user.