How to improve Nokia N8 battery life

As you’re probably already aware, the Nokia N8 is an excellent mobile phone with tonnes of features and the very surprising battery life that comes with it. With a battery life of several days, it outlasts all of its rivals, such as the iPhone 4 and Xperia X10. With a few tips and tricks, you can make the battery life on your Nokia N8 last even longer.

There are plenty of ways to make your battery last longer on smartphones of all types, such as dimming of the screen or even turning off Bluetooth; however usually you have to change all of the settings manually one-by-one, which can become quite annoying.

Since the emergence of the Nokia N8 and Nokia’s newest operating system; Symbian^3, which now even includes its own power saving mode functionality. If you want to make use of this then simply tap the right corner of your home screen and then tap the battery icon and click power saving mode.

You should now see that the screen is automatically dimmed and your network coverage will change from 3G to GSM. As you may already know, the 3G connection usually takes up a fair amount of power on smartphones and unless you’re browsing the internet or using internet intensive apps, it’s not really needed.

You will, or at least should, now notice a big difference in the battery life of your Nokia N8. You can even check if both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is turned off – this will further increase your battery duration. To do this simply navigate your way to the connectivity screen and tap the top right corner of the screen, however this time select the two arrows as opposed to the battery.

If this has increased your battery life, please let us know how long, on average that you believe your battery life has been increased by. Having more battery life can never be a bad thing and it seems that Nokia are leading the market with innovative ways to save battery.