Nokia N8 video playback how to

How to optimise videos on N8 for HD TV playback

So, you have your new Nokia N8 and you want to play some films or other video files through the HDMI output, hooking it up to your awesome HD TV? We explain how you can do just that and show off your movies, whether they be shot by yourself or even copied from a PC or bought via the web – the Nokia N8 even carries with it surround sound so you can make the most of your N8′s HD possibilities.

The in-built HDMI

The Nokia N8 has a cool little HMDI socket on the top of the phone’s edge – simply flip the plastic cover up and you’ll see it there, in all it’s glory and waiting to unleash it’s possibilities on it’s nearest victim (namely a TV).

If you haven’t already found it, take out your HDMI adapter cable which will be hiding away in your box, giving you the ability to hook up your mini HDMI slot on the N8 to its full-size friend on your TV. Also, if you have a surround sound system set up at home, try and plug the Nokia N8 into your surround sound system instead, as the Nokia N8 can output in excellent quality via its Dolby Digital Plus surround sound system.

It’s all in the codec

As you may already know, video codecs are the software responsible for every aspect of a video file’s appearance, quality and ultimately dictates how your mobile phone will perform once hooked up to a TV. So, if you’re playing files from your PC or even Mac, you will need to ensure that you encode them with the correct codec – otherwise they simply will not display correctly.

The Nokia N8 will support playback of files that are encoded with the H.264 codec which is the best suited codec for supporting high definition video playback. If you are transferring your files from your PC or Mac, make sure that the video is saved using the H.264 codec. You can do this with ease with software such as Handbrake. Simply download the software and choose the file you want to transfer to your Nokia N8 and select MP4 file-type and have H.264 as the video codec.

The resolution of the video you are putting on your mobile phone can be whatever you desire, but it’s worth remembering that generally speaking the better (bigger) the resolution, the better it will look.

Tempt your ears to audio luxury

Get your Nokia N8 out and put yourself a video on there with surround sound and then hook it up to a surround sound system at home (or work, whichever boss lets you (the wife or work boss)) and get your ears ready for audio heaven. As the Nokia N8 has Dolby Digital Plus surround sound technology built-in, you are ready to pump out your audio with five speakers and a subwoofer.

In order to enable files to get the surround sound treatment, you will need to encode them as MPEG4 Dolby Digital Surround Sound files – which can be particularly difficult to produce at home – so the other option would be to get them from an online video store or from a file included on digital copy equipped DVD or Blu-ray discs.

And if you didn’t already know, the first 10,00 Nokia N8 handsets to be sold will come pre-loaded with the movie Terminator Salvation in HD, on the Nokia N8 USB stick included with your purchase. Surround sound is included with it so it gives you the perfect chance to demonstrate your new Nokia N8′s abilities and show-off your phone to your friends and family.

Shoot your videos in HD

If you love taking video clips with your Nokia N8 and especially if you love playing them back on a big HD TV, then you will want to shoot your videos in HD. What am i talking about? Within your Nokia N8′s camera options, you are given the choice of quality that you want to shoot in – lower qualities will produce visually worse results but will save room on your Nokia N8 device.

In order to shoot video in HD, simply go on to your camera and switch to video mode – from here go to options in the lower left corner of the screen and then tap settings. Whatever you do, don’t choose “High Quality TV” and this is rather deceiving – you want High Definition as this will shoot the video in 720p, which is not too far off Blu-ray standard and will give you a clear, clean and crisp look.