Nokia N8 browser optimisation tips

How to optimize Nokia N8 web browser

If you want a few tips and tricks to make your Nokia N8‘s browser a little more faster, then you have come to the right place. The browser in the Symbian 3 devices is already quite smooth and has good response, however it’s possible to increase the speed of pages being displayed and make everything a little more smooth.

To take advantage of the tip, read and follow the instructions provided below. If you find that following these steps in any way hampers or slows down your device or even following these steps makes a website not work or display properly, simply reverse these steps.

1. Go to Options > Settings
2. Settings > General
3. Disable Javascript / ECMA

After following the above steps, you should notice that JS (Javascript) intensive websites will load much faster and provide an all-round smoother experience. To put this to the test, load up a website such as Engadget with JS / ECMA enabled and then disable this option as described above and load up the same page again – you should notice a considerable difference between the two.