How to replace Nokia N8 battery

A while ago we wrote about how the Nokia N8 battery is removable by the user, despite claims by the Finnish company Nokia that it wasn’t. Now we have a walk-through of how to replace the battery yourself – though be warned, doing so may void your warranty.

You would be better off taking it to a Nokia store or the place it was purchased to get it fixed, however if your warranty is already void or you just mind it being voided (if applicable), follow the steps below to replace your battery.

1. Unscrew the Torx+ size 4 screw on either side of the Nokia N8, 7 full turns. Do not remove the screw completely from the hole.

2. Pull out the bottom assembly.

3. Lift and pull out the battery lid.

4. Use the provided tape to remove the original battery.

5. Attach the pull-out tape to your new battery.

6. Insert the new battery as shown above.

7. Press and hold both of the two shown screws in.

8. Place the shown end of the battery lid and then lower down the other end. Note that the battery pull-out tape is left under the battery lid.

9. Hold the bottom cover in its place and tighten the torx + size 4 screws on both sides. That’s it! You have successfully replaced the Nokia N8 battery.