Sync Facebook photos with Nokai N8 contacts

How to sync photos from Facebook to Nokia N8

Syncing your photos from Facebook to your Nokia N8 contact list couldn’t be easier, least not with the new Social Network app Socially for the Nokia N8. Not only does it sync photos to contacts, but also syncs peoples birthdays directly on to your mobile phone – pretty neat if you ask us.

So, first of all you will need the Socially app which can be found here. It’s also possible to sync via the Social application that comes with the Nokia N8, but in reality it’s a boring and tedious job – that all changes with Socially, it’s as easy as it ever could be.

Once you have the app, you simply login to Facebook and choose the More tab, then tap on Sync with Phone and you will be taken to a page that lets you sync all the photos and birthdays in one fell swoop. In order for this to work correctly, you will need to have the names on the Nokia N8 exactly the same as their names on Facebook. The images will not automatically change in your phones contact list when a user changes their profile picture, which isn’t really a problem – it’s also worth noting that when you do sync the photos, they will over write all existing photos on the contact list.