Nokia Panorama photographs

How to take Panorama Photographs on Nokia N8

If you’re a keen photographer, or even a total novice, this application will help you create the most beautiful and eye-catching photo’s possible. Nokia Panorama for the Nokia N8 allows you to take panorama photos easily at the touch of a screen.

For those who are not aware what a panorama photograph is, it’s any wide-angle view or representation of a (in this case) photograph. You would probably have seen one of these somewhere, but may not realise it was what you were looking at – they make for some amazing images, especially so with this application for the Nokia N8.

With Nokia Panorama, which is a free, products high-quality landscape panoramic images by automatically capturing and processing input images into a panorama, directly on your Nokia N8 mobile phone.

If you want to give it a try yourself to see what beautiful photographs you can come up with, then follow the link below to download from the Ovi Store.

Price: FREE
Download: Nokia Panorama for Nokia N8