How to transfer photograph's on Nokia N8

How to transfer Nokia N8 pictures

If you’re anything like me and love taking awesome photos with your Nokia N8′s 12-megapixel camera, then you’ll probably be wanting to transfer your photo’s to your computer so you can check them out in all their glory.

The Nokia N8 offers lots of features, customisations and options and there are several different ways to get your photo’s from your Nokia N8 mobile phone to your computer, for instance – making it much easier to find a solution that suits your needs or requirements.

The easiest way to transfer your precious photo’s all in one go would be to plug your N8 into your computer using the micro USB cable included in your purchase. If you’re running Windows’ latest operating system, Windows 7, then the mobile phone will be automatically recognised, with a pop-up window allowing you to carry out various tasks.

You will need to choose a program to transfer your photographs, using Windows Live Photo Galley is a very simple process – click “Import pictures and videos” and pow, it’s done.

If you’re a social photograph sharer then it may be an idea to copy your photo’s to a memory stick instead of your computer, by using the Nokia N8′s USB on-the-go technology. Simply plug your cable into the micro USB port on the side of your mobile phone – you should already have the on-the-go micro USB cable, which would of came with the phone when you purchased it.

Once you plug your USB memory stick into the cable and as soon as that is done, you should see Nokia’s file manager automatically execute and pop-up on-screen. As standard, the photo’s your transfer will be saved on the E: (mass memory) drive. Click this option and your photo’s should now appear in the “Images” folder.

If you don’t want to grab all of your images from the phone, then open the images folder and then choose the camera folder, now find the folder you want to copy – your Nokia N8 will create a new sub-folder each time you begin to take a new set of photographs.

Now press the folder you want to copy (you should tap images if you want to copy them all) and hold. After a few moments you should see a new menu appear, letting you copy the contents of the folder. Select your memory stick and wait for your photo’s to copy.

If you want to transfer just a few photographs at a time and your computer is Bluetooth compatible, it’s even possible to send them wirelessly. You should only ever use this option if you’re literally transferring a few images, this is because the speed of the Bluetooth technology is very slow in comparison to the newer, faster technologies.