How to use profiles on Nokia N8

Profiles are a great efficient way to have different settings for different circumstances. Let’s say, for example at home you use a ringtone with volume on high, however when you’re at work, college or university or in a meeting you may want to set your phone to silent, maybe with or without vibrate – this is where profiles come in useful, both efficient and time saving.

A profile on the Nokia N8 is basically a preset set of functions, telling the phone to behave in a pre-defined way when receiving telephone calls, message tones, vibrations or email alerts for example.

If you tap the power button once (on the top of the Nokia N8) and you will notice a number of different options, you should also see a few different profiles to choose from. This will allow you to set a profile instantly, without the fuss of having to manually change your settings each time you wish to use a new profile. You can also tap on the box that is directly below the date in the top right corner of the screen on your mobile phone.

To change the settings of a particular profile, simply tap on the Menu button, then tap Settings. At this point you will see Profiles listed at the top of the screen, tap on this and then tap an already existing profile, then Personalise. Now you can tailor the settings to your own desires and needs, giving you tonnes of flexibility and potentially saving yourself lots of time.

If however you want to create a new profile, simple go back to the Profiles page and tap on Options in the bottom left corner of the screen and proceed to tap Create new – now choose the settings you wish for that specific profile.

So to recap, once you’ve created or edited a profile as you prefer, tap on the power button at the top of the screen once and then choose your desired profile. They’re extremely useful, especially for those who still want to be notified of phone calls or texts but don’t want the phone to make any noises.