In car audio products to compliment your Nokia N8

Okay, so I’ve recently bought myself a JVC KW-XR810 CD/MP3 Dual-DIN receiver for my car and thought i’d share my thoughts with you guys. I absolutely love my music and have it with me all the time on my Nokia N8, however I didn’t ever have a way to listen to the songs before and needed to upgrade my car stereo anyway, so I got myself the JVC KW-XR810. You can read the full over at caraudioreview.net.

If you’re a music lover like me, you’ll definitely love this unit and will definitely love how well it works with your Nokia N8 mobile phone. It allows me to not only connect my Nokia N8 to it via USB and listen to my music in the car, but also allows me to receive and make phone calls whilst on-the-go in the car and 100% safe and legally – it connects up to two devices via Bluetooth.

The unit looks great but also has a stock feel to it, so it’s not too flashy but also retains a great look. On top of that you can configure the colour of the lighting for the unit to look like your dashboard, which is always great, right? If you’re a perfectionist like me, you’ll hate having a stereo lighting in one colour and your dashboard another – things have to match, for me at least. There’s literally thousands of colours to choose from, so you’ll find one that matches your unit.

There are front-facing USB ports and one for auxiliary on the JVC KW-XR810 so you’ll be able to plug in our iPod, iPhone or more likely, Nokia N8. It’s also possible to store up to 20,000 songs on the unit itself, so you can just transfer the music over from your Nokia N8 to the drive storage. It plays MP3, WMA and WAV files.

The navigation is extremely intuitive and easy to use however it does bring with it a very small problem, well when i say problem, more of an inconvenience; the front of the facia is glossy and in some lights you can see the fingerprints – however it’s not that much of a problem, i usually wipe down my stereo’s every now and then to keep them nice and clean.

If you’ve connected your Nokia N8 to the unit and listening to music and receive a phone call, the music will be muted and your phone will ring through the unit and speakers, allowing you to accept and talk at will. You get a microphone with the package and when connected up, can hide the wire so it’s not visible looking untidy and what-not. The remote that comes with the JVC KW-XR810 is very small and pretty much useless, so you’d probably be better off suited giving it to your kids if you have any – then again, maybe not.