Nokia Internet Radio for Nokia N8

Internet radio app for Nokia N8

Most Nokia handsets feature an integrated FM radio these days, though reception can be poor depending on your location and you’re usually limited to a set number of stations. With Nokia Internet Radio, it’s possible to listen to stations anywhere in the world from your Nokia N8.

The application lets online radio stations submit their feeds direct to Nokia and the feed will then be added to their database of online radio stations. You’re then able to listen to radio stations from all over the world, in many different languages and tonnes of different genres.

If you were to surf through all of the stations available on this awesome little application, it will probably take a lifetime to listen to them all. Nokia have definitely pulled one out of the bag with this application, definitely worth the download.

Nokia Internet Radio was created by Nokia and can also be downloaded via the Ovi Store – but for some reason, it isn’t listed as compatible with the Nokia N8; however be rest assured, it definitely is.

Internet Radio for Nokia N8 (3910)