Symbian Anna confirmed

July release confimed for Symbian Anna

When i say confirmed, i mean several places across the blogosphere have been mentioning that the release will indeed come in July. On top of that, according to the Nokia France Facebook page have too been cited as stating the release will be ready for next month – however such posts have now apparently been removed from Facebook – maybe in a bid to save Nokia having a few bright red faces.

You probably are, just like me, getting utterly tired and somewhat bored of the false statements being dotted around the world regarding Nokia’s latest update – it’s about time Nokia released something 100% official and true to word, rather than leaving us guessing and somewhat annoyed.

It has been many months since the rumors started flowing about the latest update and Nokia don’t seem to have a care in the world about telling us specifics with the release date; however with that said, other companies such as Apple do a similar thing with their updates which is probably down to PR and generating a big interest around said updates.

If we don’t see any official news from Nokia nor do we receive the update within the next month or so, I personally am going to lose faith in Nokia not only as a manufacturer, but also as a company.

Anyone else getting slightly annoyed at the wait, or is it just me?