Nokia N8 call timer

Keeping track of your minutes on Nokia N8

If like me you are a Nokia N8 user on Pay as You Go or have one of those no contract cell phone plans, even have a contract and need to keep track of your minutes, you will find this guide a useful way to keep doing so – easy to setup and even easier to manage. With the Nokia N8, it’s simple to get a call summary at the end of each call, which will tell you exactly how long you’ve been on the phone for in total.

People who talk to their friends, family or colleagues are especially susceptible to going over their allocated monthly minutes, so they will want to track the length of the calls with eagle-eyed precision. To turn on the call summary feature on your mobile phone, follow the instructions as below.

Press the Menu button and then tap the Settings icon, now tap Calling and follow that by tapping Call. You will notice lots of features that you can change for a phone call – now you should tap on Summary after call tap On and then under Show call duration tap Yes.

You’ve now set it up to work properly. Each time you have or make a phone call on your Nokia N8 it will show you the relevant details which includes the duration of the call – making it easier to manage and to keep within your monthly free minutes that you’re contracted to – or even to allow you to keep track of the amount of time you’re spending on your PAYG tariff.