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Make your Nokia N8 say callers name

The Nokia N8 never ceases to amaze and along with the ability to set customisable ringtones, you can even set your mobile phone to say the name of the caller whenever your phone rings. Whilst this isn’t new to Nokia phones, it’s a great and useful functionality that many people seem to miss (even me). With this feature turned on, you will know who’s calling you before you even have to take your phone out of your pocket, bag or wherever it may be at the time of calling.

People often wonder who is calling them before taking their phone out their pocket, but with the Nokia N8 you actually can. You can use this, along with other options on the phone such as setting a unique ringtone for each caller on your phone – you can even make your Nokia N8 say the callers name whenever it happens to ring.

To get this set up, simply press the Menu button and tap on Settings, then navigate your way to the Profiles option and click on the profile you wish to incorporate this features into. It’s possbible to add the feature to more than one profile and even turn it off all together – once you’ve selected a profile, tap on Personalise. Scroll down until the point you see “Say caller’s name” and then tap on this option – and tap On. Now click Back to exit the profiles page and from this point on your phone will say the callers name whenever someone calls and you have the profile activated.

With the Nokia N8 the feature works best with single names as it can sometimes seemingly struggle to pronounce unusual names correctly and names that have initials it sounds a little hurried, but not to worry. You’ll soon be able to recognise all of your contacts over a short period of time, so you’ll always know who is calling you before you take your phone out of the pocket let along look at the screen.

If you’ve used this feature, let us know how it works for you and how it helps you in certain situations.