MarvTheMiner2 for Nokia N8

MarvTheMiner2 for Nokia N8

MarvTheMiner2 has to probably be one of the strangest names we’ve come across yet for a game, but it certainly does not disappoint. You guide your little fellow, Marvin, through the cavern mines in order to collect yourself jewels and make a swift, safe exit – a great addition to the platform games on the Nokia Ovi Store.

After playing the game, it’s safe to say that the touchscreen controls are both annoying and also a godsend, depending on how you look at it. The first-look cluttered looking control layout isn’t so cluttered after playing for a while, but the game is actually rather enjoyable for both young and old alike – the games complexity (whilst still being fairly easily playable) is probably what adds to the fun.

Your aim, is to guide is to complete the levels platform within the given time limit, do it and you will progress, don’t and you, well, won’t… Later on in the game you will have more enemies added to the game, making it more tricker and tense. To play the game, really, you need to have fast and nimble fingers as you’re required to spend your time avoiding the dangers of the enemies in your attempt to reach the platform.

Although MarvTheMiner 2 for Nokia N8 is a great, fun game, it’s not exactly going to give you a massive wow factor. It’s more of an approachable and well presented title that has tonnes of fun, excitements and visuals that makes going to work, college or university (or wherever) a good way to pass some time.

You can get the free version of the game that features 20 levels, with the full version giving you 31 levels and no adverts whilst your galavanting between the levels. You will find there are games out there that are better for the price-tag – so we would recommend that you check out the free version before purchasing – and if you like it, you can spend the little money it costs for the game.

If you download MarvTheMiner2, let us know your thoughts on the game.

Price: Demo – FREE | Full version – €1.50 / £1.50
Download: MarvTheMiner2 for Nokia N8 (free) / MarvTheMiner2 for Nokia N8 (paid)