Mathematics game for Nokia N8

There aren’t many out there, but this is a great one – a simple arithmetic game for the Nokia N8. The game, called Flying Balloons is very simple but also very effective with its sole aim to help people use their free time to practice their arithmetics by adding and subtracting numbers on the fly in their head.

Unfortunately (or not?) there are no levels that you have to pass nor are there any achievements to collect or anything else that is associated with a lot of the games out there these days.

Flying Balloons is as follows: The main screen shows a green hill with blue skies and clouds – at the bottom of the screen you will see that there is a keypad with three buttons as an addition: Delete, Clear and Enter. You start the game when a red balloon appears on the screen, which is floating seamlessly towards the top of the screen. The ballon comes with a arithmetic question.

From this point on, the fun begins to show itself. As the balloon floats to the top of the page, you must figure out the answer to the question and tap it into the keypad at the bottom of the screen. If you answer correctly, the balloon bursts and the score board at the top of the screen will slowly begin to build points – the speed of your correct answer determines your score – the faster, the better.

So, you’re probably wondering what happens if you get an incorrect answer – well, you lose points – but you can try again, but this time for less points. If you cannot answer the question, correctly or otherwise, the balloon will float to the top of the screen and burst – meaning you lose points and the cycle starts all over again. Be warned though, once the game has reached the top of the screen 3 times, the game will end.

To add a little more fun to the game, you will occasionally see a gold balloon appear – this will contain yet another question for your to solve. If you manage to answer it correctly you will score a comparatively big bonus, almost as though you solved all of the red balloon questions in one fell swoop. The best thing about the gold balloon is, if you don’t manage to solve the question, you will not lose points – if, however, you answer it incorrectly, you will lose points.

To keep you intrigued and playing the game, as you play the game the questions will become increasingly more difficult as you play along. You will start with questions such as 1+4, but you will soon be a high roller answering questions such as 78-34, or even multiply questions. As you keep playing you will see more than one balloon floating to escape your fingers, so keep playing and you’ll be rewarded with more difficulty.