Millionaire City for Nokia N8

Millionaire City for Nokia N8

The game Millionaire City isn’t new, it has been around for quite some time now which is mainly thanks to the likes of Facebook. It is now available for free on the Ovi Store which offers us the chance for Nokia N8 users to see what it is all about. The game is simply, you build and earn money trying to get yourself to the heights of being a millionaire – sounds simply, right?

You make your money by simply developing your businesses and rental properties in to a rich portfolio. The game is kind of similar to Sim City, so for the fans of this game they’ll probably find themselves liking Millionaire City. In Millionaire City greed is the name of the game and without it you’re stuffed – you will want to start building homes around shops and services – making a city that is orderly and uniformed probably isn’t the best idea.

You can make your houses more desirable by making it look, well, prettier. You can do this by placing monuments and other items like plants to make houses rents higher, which means more profit for you and means you’re closer to your goal of total domination and becoming a well coveted millionaire.

Millionaire City’s user interface looks, from first glance, rather complex however after a short while of playing around and navigating your way through the menus you will be able to find your way around in no time. It’s actually quite shocking how much can be fitted on to a small screen, however it’s very intuitive and exciting at the same time. You play the game in landscape mode and have all of the tasks for making your city a better place at the bottom of the screen – it has plot building icons, buildings and options to lay roads to connect your city – plus of course you can keep track of your money.

Just like the popular Sim City, you will need to ensure you manage your expenses and income well otherwise your overall goal of making more money will become somewhat difficult. One thing you should know before entering the game is that you can rent out your houses on the cheap to students and the like or you can bide your time and wait for the more profitable people to move in such as families or pensions and so forth.

The game is open to casual and hardcore gamers, however the more seasoned gamers out there should find the menus and options more of a breeze than casual gamers. Regardless, the game is a great source of replay fun for both casual and hardcore gamers alike – it’s a game you can pick up and play, be in on the bus, coach, road trip or even whilst you’re on your lunch break at school – any time is good for Millionaire City time.

If you have downloaded Millionaire City, please feel free to drop by and let us know what you think. Also feel free to offer any tips, hints or strategies for other readers of our blog.

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