Moto X Mayhem for the Nokia N8

Moto X Mayhem for the Nokia N8

Moto X Mayhem is a side scrolling solo racing game, where you must take your motorbike across the roughest of terrain in order to get to the finish line as soon as you can. But rather than having a racetrack, this is a cross country style racer in which you get across the hilliest, bumpiest and most dangerous terrains possible. Other obstacles such as steep cliffs, potholes, caves and tricky gradients will probably be your downfall – it’s not a simple ‘go as fast as you can’ style game, far from it.

The player will need some sense of balance to get the little fellow to the end of the finish line. You need to control the throttle and brakes on your bike, which are controlled with the touch-screen either side of the screen – so you need to balance things between revving the hell out of your engine, keep your speed concise and slamming on your brakes. Only the back wheel is actually controlled by your engine so you probably just want to tap the throttle most of the time to give you just enough speed as you require.

Now you’ve figured that part out, the next part of the learning curve is to balance between speed, crashing and even your own balance (in-game of course). The phone needs to be rotated towards the front or rear of the motorbike – which is just like holding a steering wheel – to lean the ride on the bike.

The above is 100% vital to getting that good landing by maintaining your traction and making sure you take off and land safely. If you land badly, you will be wiped off your bike and you then have to start the level again – which, take it from me, kinda gets annoying. If you make the jump whilst your balance isn’t too great and you will spin in the air and hurtle towards the ground.

The throttle, acceleration and balance all need to be meticulously monitored and perfected – they must be kept in sync throughout the game and you can quite literally end up anywhere if you do not. A very good part about the game is that the dynamics of the levels are ever changing, even if you are still on the same level – it keeps it different and keeps your mind glued to your next move. Although a rather small difference, it’s enough to keep each level and game unique enough to replay.

In Moto X Mayhem for the Nokia N8, when you die in a level, or rather fall off the bike – you won’t lose a life – you just have a counter that tells you how many attempts that you have made. This kinda reminds me of a similar game that’s available on Xbox 360 Arcade, just as fun and addictive – you go straight to the start of the level after ‘failing’, keeping it quick and fun.

Is the game worth it’s money? Yep. It’s also great for competing against friends to see who can do it in the fastest time and/or with the least amount of restarts – definitely a great time burner and even great for competitive play.

Price: €1.00 / £1.00
Download: Download Moto X Mayhem for Nokia N8