Motti for Nokia N8

Motti for Nokia N8

Motti? What is Motti? Well, let us tell you – it’s an addictive game that you can lose hours from your day due to the addictive nature of this clever game. We received an e-mail from the developer asking if we could review the game and, we obviously obliged – any excuse for us to play games all day long – we love strategy games.

Whilst the game isn’t exactly packed with amazing HD graphics, it’s not the graphics that gets you gripped – it’s the gameplay and the strategic nature of the game. The game is kinda (emphasis on kinda) like Reversi, mixed with a bit of capture the flag and Risk, of which all games we love.

Motti is derived from a so-called Finnish tactic: A totally encircled enemy unit. The tactic of encircling it is called motitus, literally meaning the formation of an isolated block or “motti”, but in effect meaning an entrapment or envelopment.

At the start of each round there is territory on the screen that is marked out with different colours which represents the different players – you start with red and green counters and two more colours added to the mix for when you play 3 or 4 players. You will also find that there is are parts of the map that you cannot occupy – that’s because this is water.

Players have a turn each and decide what they want to do with that turn. You can either make defensive or offensive moves – on this occasion we’re referring to a defensive move: Specify three squares of land that is yours which you want to be occupied by an army.

To go on the attack and make an offensive move, you need to nominate six squares that you would like to place your armies. You can either occupy unoccupied space or choose to take over the enemies territory, however you need to ensure that you already have an army next to your move, either horizontally or vertically.

Now that you would of marked your six areas you will need to submit your chosen actions, with the player gaining an army for that action. This is done six times, however you will only gain one of the six squares each time. There is a 1 in 6 chance of a square gaining an army, so its never really guaranteed.

The other option is to form a guerrilla attack meaning you can nominate only one square to capture, however this time it can be diagonally next to one of your armies and be in the enemies lines. You will usually choose this option when you want to find a medium between protecting your own territory and home city (lose this and you lose the game) with only 3 squares.

Now the final option; your armies surround another army, meaning they cannot move – when this happens you will separate that territory from it’s comrades and when this happens in the game and that army is not connected to its home territory, you will capture that square.

A draw is reached when neither of the competing players gain any enemy territories, the round will come to a close and the ‘board’ cleared and the game starts afresh with new boundaries. As this is a strategy game after all, there will be a point in your gaming on Motti that you want a deadlock to occur so you can start the game over.

Motti is a fairly easy game to master, but starting off, it’s not an easy game by any means. The rules are the things you need to pay attention to and learn about most, within a matter of time you will master them. You need to use the rules and actions to your advantage in order to actually win at this game, which takes more time than that of the above.

The game as mentioned above doesn’t have the best graphics in the world and could probably be enhanced with a few cut scenes or something of the like – but then again this could take away from the main reason the game exists; it’s excellent take on strategy.

If you’re looking for a game that is addictive and a pleasure to play, then this is it.

Price: €1.50 / £1.50
Download: Motti for Nokia N8