Ovi Awards

Must have apps in 2010 for Nokia N8

If you own a Nokia N8 and are looking for the best must have apps of 2010, then take a look at the selection below – as chosen by Nokia’s Must-Have Apps of The Year Awards. It’s not quite a red carpet event, admittedly, but I agree with many of the apps they chosen for each category.

All apps have been nominated and, declared winners by the people who use and enjoy them – the consumer. So, this is literally the peoples choices – do you agree with them, or would you of had a completely different set of winners?

Game of the Year – Doodle Jump

You are a green alien, with what appears to be a trumpet as a nose – your facial features may not be clear, but your goal in the game is – aim your way through the skies and jump as high as you can, using power-ups and the accelerometer within the Nokia N8. The game was an instant hit when it first hit Apple’s App Store and it has proved a hit with the Ovi Store, too.

Download: Doodle Jump for Nokia N8

Social Networking App of The Year – Gravity

Your Nokia N8 has a primary job of contacting other people across the world, however Gravity does this too, with its real well polished app that allow you to join all your social network profiles into one place – meaning less time clicking through all the different apps and more time, well, being social. It comes packed with all the features you’d expect to find in a premium app, such as photo sharing, status updates and checking-in.

Twitter, Facebook and much more within the same application – neat!

Download: Gravity for Nokia N8

Music App of The Year – Shazam

Love music? Love Shazam. Heard a song through your day that has you captivated, but you don’t have a clue what its called? Not to fear – Shazam is here. Simply let your Nokia N8 ‘listen’ to the music and it will come back to you with a result, naming that song and artist. The details of your most recent tracks will be automatically saved, which is useful for use later on.

Download: Shazam for Nokia N8

Utility App of The Year – Joikuspot WiFi Hot Spot

Transform your Nokia N8 into a WiFi hotspot, with yes, an app. You can allow up to 4 devices connect to your wireless using this app, meaning you can even use your laptop for work, college or university whilst on-the-go. Other phones can connect to your phone wirelessly, using your data plan and costing them zilch – a great way of sharing technology.

Download: Joikuspot for Nokia N8

Business and Productivity App of The Year – Mobile Documents

Got an email account? Then there will probably be a time where you pick up your phone, open your mailbox and see a document that somebody has sent you. If it’s a large file, it could cost you quite a lot, for example a 250mb PDF file. Mobile Documents allows you to view your sent documents without the need to download them – another interesting use of cloud-based technology.

Download: Mobile Documents for Nokia N8

Entertainment App of The Year – TouchNote

Sending a postcard is a thing of the past, something we used to do when we were kids – or is it? You can even send postcards now using this cool little application, even take a photo using your Nokia N8 and have Touchnote transform it into a physical card, allowing you to deliver where you wish.