February poll results

N8 Geeks February poll results

In last months N8 Geeks poll, we asked you, our valued readers, what colour Nokia N8 they purchased. An amazing 530 people responded to the poll, compared to last months 249. The Nokia N8 is a wonderful phone and it seems people do have a preference on their colour, but most people bought the phone without asking for a specific colour – resulting in most consumers getting the ‘default’ black model.

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We asked: What colour Nokia N8 do you have?

  • 304 voted black (57%)
  • 119 voted silver (22%)
  • 45 voted green (8%)
  • 39 voted blue (7%)
  • 23 voted for orange (6%)

As the results show, an overwhelming amount of people have the black version of the Nokia N8, over 50% of you in fact. This appears mainly to be due to the fact that the black model was shipped as a default device to sell to consumers, or at least it seemed that way when i went in to my local store to buy the Nokia N8 – they didn’t ask me what colour i wanted, i just bought it.

What colour Nokia N8 do you have? Would you change it if you could? What colour Nokia N8 do you wish they brought out for you to buy?