N8 Geeks question of the month

N8 Geeks January poll results

In last months N8 Geeks poll, we asked our readers whether they were happy with their Nokia N8 and 249 of you responded to the poll. It’s obvious that the Nokia N8 is a great phone and the poll results really reflected that, as you can see from the results below.

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We asked: Do you like your Nokia N8?

  • 203 voted foryes
  • 28 responded with no, i was expecting a lot more
  • 18 responded with I’m not sure, i’ve not had it long enough

It seems the majority of you are happy with your Nokia N8, even though it’s had several issues highlighted in the past few months – namely the restarting issue and motherboard issues which have been little publicised. Those effected appear to only be around <3% of all handsets which isn’t a lot when you compare it to the amount of issues the iPhone has had over the years. Hopefully Nokia will also sort out any existing operating system issues with the latest firmware, which is due for release very soon.