N8, iPhone 4, Nexus S camera tests

Today we put the Nokia N8 head to head with the Nexus S and the iPhone 4. The Nokia N8 dwarfs both the Nexus and iPhone when it comes to pixels with it’s massive 12MP! Both the iPhone 4 and Nexus S are a measly 5MP. But we wanted to answer the age old question “is bigger always better?”.

We ran tons of tests from Macro, daytime, low light and night mode, so the report is going to come in two parts.

The first few tests are as follows:

Outdoors, late afternoon, no flash

Focusing first on the ground, the iPhone 4 shows most detail in the gravel and also has the sharpest overall picture. The Nexus S white balance is a little off, as you can see it’s got quite a significant blue hue. The Nokia N8 produced the brightest of the 3 pictures.

Red roses, indoor light, no flash

First thing, these a red roses. The Nokia N8′s roses have come out pink and a little washed out. The iPhone 4 are a little too red but surprisingly the Nexus S has depict the red of the roses best of the bunch, pardon the pun. Not only has the Nexus S produced the best colour depiction but it also has also produced the sharpest of the 3 pictures.

Macro mode, indoor, no flash

The Nokia N8 doesn’t deal with macro particularly well, when in automatic mode. So you’ll need to manually switch the N8 in to macro for close up work. The paper was white with black text. Out of the 3 phones, the iPhone 4 has produced the best overall image. It’s got clearer text and better colour depiction than the other two phones.

Tomorrow we’ll be looking at the performance the phones flash. As well as more outdoor shots.