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N8Geeks reader photography

The Nokia N8 is capable of taking some truly astounding photographs as you’ve probably seen for yourself in the past, so we here at N8 Geeks would love it if you, our readers, sent us in some photographs that you have personally taken on your Nokia N8 to share with the rest of our readers.

We’ve had some really awesome photographs submitted to us in the past from readers of our website, such as those from Jinesh and from Fakhry

You can send us as many photographs as you like and we’ll post here on our website our favourites, with the reader who submits the best photograph of the lot winning a copy of Camera Pro for the Nokia N8. This isn’t really a contest as such, more of a showcase of the best photographs from our readers and a small gift to the person who has taken the best photograph.

To send the photographs, either use the contact form to the right of our website and send us links of your submissions, or email me at Maverick(at)N8Geeks.com with either the attachments or links to your photographs.