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New Nokia N8 UI spotted at China event

As we reported not too long ago, the Nokia N8 is to get an updated UI and it was pretty much confirmed during the recent event in China, which you can clearly see a different UI on the Nokia N8 mobile phone propped behind Jo Harlow, Nokia’s head of smartphone devices.

This shows us that Nokia has lots to give to the Symbian^3 platform, that many see as a soon-to-be dead platform – if you’re a reader of Engadget, you’ll probably be tired of their Symbian^3 apocalyptic views. From the images from the event, it appears that Nokia

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are looking to migrate their key information to the top of the screen in order to create a dedicated status/notification bar, which could be visible as you navigate your way through each screen – accompanied by a few soft button icons at the bottom of the screen.

It’s good to see that Nokia are continuing development on our beloved Nokia N8 software, but the question is, how long will it last and how much development will actually go in to future releases? I guess only time will tell, but there’s definitely many years left in the Symbian^3 and Nokia N8 steam engine, that’s for sure.

If you could change any aspect of the Nokia N8 UI, what would it be and why? Personally, i’d love to change the main menu and give it a bit more character and integrate flashy pull-downs such as with Android devices. For example, tap the top of the screen and pull down the scroll bar to reveal the notification system that the N8 uses – but i highly doubt we’d ever see that for our beloved Symbian^3 device.