New limited edition Nokia N8 in red

New red limited edition Nokia N8 incoming?

As we all know by now, Nokia made a great deal about the fact that they had five different colours of their newest protege, the Nokia N8 back in October 2010 – it came released in the following five colours: dark grey, silver white, green, orange and blue.

It’s now seemingly possible that the Finnish company plans to launch a sixth colour of the popular smartphone and they are curious as to what the fans are thinking. Over at the Nokia Conversations blog there is a post that asks users to vote for a colour of a possible new, “special edition model” – sounds good, right?

As it shows over at the post, most fans have actually voted their favourite colour as red. So let’s assume that Nokia takes the advice of its user base that means the new Nokia N8 will likely to be red and could even look like the photo you see to the top right of the article.

There is, however, a possibility that they’re asking this question for indications as to what colour people would be interested in with the upcoming Nokia E7 – however what their intentions exactly are is to be seen, so keep your eyes peeled on our website for the latest news regarding this.

If YOU could choose a colour yourself, what colour would you choose? Personally, i’d quite like to see a white version of the phone – not sure why, but i like sleek and minimalistic coloured phones.

Most fans have voted red. So, assuming Nokia does make a new version of the N8, this will likely be red, and could look like in the photo below (quickly modified by yours truly):