Nintendo emulator for Nokia N8

Nintendo (SNES) emulator for Nokia N8

Yep, that’s right. You can now play games such as Mario right from your Nokia N8 mobile phone using what is known in the gaming industry as an emulator. A clever guy over at Youtube has posted a video to allow Nokia N8 users to play their favourite Nintendo games, whilst on the go on their mobile device.

The days of playing Super Mario or Street Fighter will always be in most of our memories, or at least those who had played the games as a child, which i definitely did. It’s possible these days to play your old, favourite games on the PC, Mac and now even the Nokia N8 using special software that emulates a Nintendo’s functions.

Although NesCube 3.1 is not designed to run on any smartphone and remains restricted to Series 40 and other java devices, according to the developer of the application. With this said, it’s still possible to run the application on the Nokia N8 without any major issue. The only ‘issue’ is having to map the keys each time you load up a game file, however this only takes a few moments and will give you a nostalgic and old school retro gaming at your fingertips.

The application, NesCube, is a J2ME application that is supported on the Nokia N8 and once the application is launched, the mobile phone automatically activates the on-screen touch joypad. You will require different files for each game, which are stored on your phone itself. If you wanted to play Street Fighter for example, you would need to find the file Street-Fighter.nes (it must have a .NES file extension). Once you have launched the app, you will be required to load the game file. You are given the option of browsing your phone and choosing the specific game file of your choice, then launching it.

The downside to the NesCube, which this particular application (available to download below) is a demo version, which in turn is limited to a file size of no more than 192Kb in size – though this is more than enough for most games, as most games will be below 130Kb.

Getting started:

1. Open NesCube after installing the file (available below).

2. Tap on the top right side menu key to launch the NesCube options menu. Select the [1] Open Game option.

3. You may see a warning message displayed requesting permission to run, you should allow NesCube access to your user data. Now navigate to the location on your memory card where you have a game file saved (available below). The memeory device should be shown as E:\.

4. The game should now load.

Key configuration:

You could be asked to bind your keys to functions when you load up a game using NesCube – this is because with each different game, the keys often reconfigure themselves to the default functions (which sucks). With the majority of the games you will have to reconfigure the A, B, C and D buttons as required, though you should rarely have to bind the up, down, left and right keys (thankfully). You will have to bind the start and select keys as they’re not automatically configured when you execute the game.

1. Tap on the Left Hand Side Top Menu key. Select Control.

2. Now select [1] Redefine Keys.

3. Now tap on the key that needs to be redefined, in this case is [D] as an example.

4. Choose [3] JoyStick.

5. Now choose a function to which the key needs to be mapped. In this case you should choose START – please ensure that there is no other functionality checked for this key otherwise it may not work. You should only ever bind one function per one key.

6. Click on Done and we have successfully mapped [D] as a START key for this game and a similar process can be repeated for each key as per your convenience.

Download NesCube files:

NesCube (12007)
Download Mario
Download Life Force
Download Galaga
Download Arkanoid
Download PacMan
Download MegaMan
Download Pinball
Download Metroid
Download Contra
More games…

Let us know how you get on and if you were successful in installing the application and playing the games. We are keen to hear your views on the application – get your retro gaming on.