Nokia and windows

Nokia and Windows Phone alliance

So, today it was released that Nokia will be partnering with Microsoft to bring software, hardware and innovation all in to one place – however Nokia consumers have caused a stir and the news is less than an hour old. Consumers seem to believe, which is entirely incorrect as we see it, that the Symbian OS will be ditched all together – but it won’t… The possibilities of the partnership are totally endless – read on to for our view.

Symbian will now become a franchise platform, whilst MeeGo will become an open-source project, similar to that of the ever-popular Android operating system. This means there’s now going to be more competition for that sought after spot as open-source OS legends. Windows Phone as an operating system, will we believe, become a massive powerhouse as it progresses, develops and creates new innovation.

Nokia have said the partnership will mean that the Windows Phone will be their main targeting platform, however they didn’t say, or at least just yet, that they will be ditching the Symbian OS on all of their future devices. Symbian is a strong consumer brand as mentioned today they still have the largest market share amongst mobile phone operating systems, these alone are strong words for us all to heed.

As Nokia and Microsoft are partnering, this could bring excellent and unlimited possibilities to the table – stellar software, amazing hardware and bags of innovation all in one central hub and in what we believe potentially the biggest technology deal of the decade.

Nokia have said that it was creating a new 13-member executive board, with some new faces and the immediate departure of Alberto Torres, who was in charge of Nokia’s MeeGo project.

The new partnership can give the mobile phone market the competition it truly deserves. With the likes of Apple and their iPhone and iOS and Android with it’s ever-changing and growing software-base, the market is soon going to become a two-way race; however this could break that up and give a new branding perspective a chance in the competitive market.

Imagine a phone, with hardware that is the best on the market, software that is truly developed and designed by market leaders in each retrospective market – the mobile phone market and the PC market, bringing all of that innovation and excellence into one. Both are innovators, if they can create such amazing devices and software alone, imagine what they could do together.


With Nokia’s stranglehold on the hardware side of the mobile phone market and with Microsofts innovative new products and methodologies, the hardware for future Nokia / Microsoft devices could be truly astounding. Both are major players in the technology market, in terms of hardware, software, innovation and brand – so why is this such a bad deal for consumers? Well, we don’t think it is.


Remember, the software used on upcoming partnetship devices will not always be stagnated with one single operating system, namely Windows Phone 7. The two companies are likely to develop new operating systems together that bring both ingenuity and innovation in abundance. A possibility could be that Nokia bring their Ovi software over to WP, such as the Ovi Store, Ovi Maps and what-not. That coupled with Microsofts Bing and Xbox 360 brands could well build for an operating system and software that is truly mind blowing.


Couple the above along with two companies that have very clear and concise strategies and this could make for mobile products that are truly innovative and new to the market as we know it. We all know Nokia and Windows are market leaders in their retrospective fields – Nokia with mobile phones and Windows with computers, add these together and there’s a strong chance of something truly special developing.

So, is the move good for both companies? In the short term many consumers may not believe so, however with time and innovation we believe the two could become a formidable force in the world of mobile phones: after all, someone needs to topple Android and Apple with their dominance in the market. Only time will tell if this comes true.

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