Nokia Bots for Nokia N8

Nokia Bots released for Nokia N8

Nokia Bots, if you haven’t already heard of it, is a collection of add-ons for your Nokia N8 that automatically learns about your personal preferences and improves your experience on the phone with customised features and tricks. The add-ons, or should we say bots, observe how the phone is being used and will configure and activate themselves depending on the use of the phone.

If you’re wondering exactly what bots and features will be available to you if you choose to install Nokia Bots, than read below for a full break-down. After all, you don’t want to be downloading something you have no idea about what it does or how it works.

Contacts Bot

You can contact your friends with ease when you let the Contact bot update your frequently called contacts to your Nokia N8 homescreen. It will learn about which people you call the most and automatically put a shortcut to their contact details in a Contact Bot widget, which displays names and photos of your top 4 contacts. Amazingly, this awesome little feature can even be aware of its location, meaning it can distinguish for example if you are at home or at work and provides different contacts based on your location. Amazing or what?

Alarm Bot

Having to set up an alarm on your phone and profiles for the night time can sometimes become a drag, but no more. Alarm Bot learns about what time you usually wake up and suggests alarms and profile changes on your homscreen each night. You can simply create a new alarm and night time profile with a single touch of the screen.

Profile Bot

If you ever forget to put your Nokia N8 on silent during meetings or college then this may aid you. When you get out of college or work you may forget to switch back to your normal profile and miss important phone calls, however Profile Bot is here to save the day. You will see profile change suggestions on your homescreen and can confirm profile changes with a single tap of the finger or even let them be fully automated for you.

Battery Bot

This clever little Bot will observe your battery status and if it’s low on battery and due to turn off whilst you sleep your worries away, it reminds you in advance to connect your Nokia N8 to a charger. Otherwise you may wake up too early because of the somewhat annoying low battery alerts – or even wake you up too late if your battery dies before your wake-up alarm is triggered. Pretty handy.

Shortcut Bot

Yet another Nokia Bot is the Shortcut Bot which helps you get quick and easy access to the most frequently used apps straight from your homescreen without having to configure. Your preferences are learned in the background and any applicable shortcuts updated automatically.

All in all, the Nokia Bots are a very innovative creation that will help many Nokia N8 users across the world and even save a lot of time. If you like the idea of the Nokia Bots, then head on over to Betalabs to get your very own copy of this excellent application or clicking here.

Let us know if you find Nokia Bots useful to you.