Nokia N8 DAB headset for Nokia N8

Nokia DAB Radio headset for Nokia N8

Nokia have now put their DAB radio headset on sale, meaning you can now listen to the DAB radio stations on your Nokia N8 mobile phone. The receiver, which allows you to listen to the radio via the headset crammed inside the headset, making for a great little yet useful package.

The Nokia N8 is great for listening to music and entertaining yourself and others and with a good pair of headphones, you can easily access your music via the integrated storage or even by the USB on the go feature. To make your experience that little extra special, get your hands on the Nokia DAB headset.

You can also purchase the Nokia DAB radio headset in-ear earphones, which gives you a totally different music experience – and noticeably much more comfortable – you can even change the radio station via a handy little controller, which are obviously attached to the earphone cable.

Available for €45.00 / £45.00 (ish), this is a great choice for anyone who is looking for a great audio experience and the ease-of-use of a great pair of earphones. The headset also offers 24 different national digital radio stations and in excess of 50 local radio stations.

If you’re a music lover or just a lover of the radio itself, these Nokia DAB radio headsets are a great choice. To get your hands on the headset check out the Nokia Store by clicking here.