Nokia users get free what Apple users pay for

Nokia give free what Apple lacks

I was at my friends house the other day and we decided we wanted to watch Skysports, ported from his iPhone 4 to the TV – there were 4 of us there, so we couldn’t all huddle around his tiny screen on the iPhone, so we thought hell, how about hooking it up to the TV to make things easier. Well, this is where the simplicity stopped and things got costly and complicated.

The Nokia N8 is an excellent piece of hardware that continues to revolutionise the way we use our phones, especially with the 12 mega-pixel camera that is packed into the comparatively tiny device. Among the other talents of the phone are the ability to record top-quality HD video and watch it on your big-screen HDTV – with no such luck with the iPhone.

Where the Nokia N8 gives you a HDMI lead for free when you purchase the phone from a retailer, Apple decides that you have to pay extra for the privilege of having the cable. So there we were, sat in his converted garage ready to watch the football, then it hit us – we had no iPhone compatible HDMI cable. As most of us will be aware, when you buy an iPhone you simply get a charger, USB cable and the phone in the package, along with a pair of headphones – whoopeeee.

We had to get our hands on a HDMI cable and to our amazement after traveling a few miles to the nearest Apple store, the HDMI converted USB cable we so much needed was there, in stock, but cost £35 for something that Nokia give you totally free of charge when you purchase your Nokia N8. If you don’t have much money and after spending an absolute fortune on the iPhone, you’d fully expect to have this when you purchase the phone – but no, Apple were decidedly less giving than Nokia.

Compare the iPhone cost of upwards of £500 to the cost of a Nokia N8, which I purchased a few months ago for a mere £260 and it’s easy to see what phone and manufacturer offer value for money – Nokia are the outright winners in this respect.

The Nokia N8 has HDMI capabilities built in, whereas the iPhone lacks this feature, but will probably be addressed in future versions of the phone. But until then, technology-wise, the Nokia N8 has the upper hand on its arch rival and probably will do for the next few years – unless of course Apple announce an epicly-awesome iPhone 5 at this years conference to be held in June.