Nokia Messaging on Nokia N8

Nokia Messaging, what is it? It’s an application that allows the user to communicate with friends and family over a variety of different platforms such as instant messaging and email, all in one central hub. No more need for several different applications to manage all your social and work related goings-on.

Instant Messaging

Stay connected to all your favourite messaging platforms such as Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk and Ovi Chat. Manage all of your conversations on the move at a touch of a button. All your buddy lists are downloaded and updated automatically and seamlessly. You can even call your ‘buddy’ from within your instant messaging session.

Social Networking

Stay connected to friends and other contacts. You can view, post, and comment on messages and share your location and status from your Nokia N8 mobile phone. The application whilst only in it’s Beta stages currently supports Facebook and Twitter – other social networks are apparently coming soon. Soon you will be able to manage all of your social networks within one easy-to-use application.


Manage your Hotmail, Yahoo and even G-Mail and other POP/IMAP from within the same Nokia Messaging application. You can have up to ten different email accounts under the same app and you can even add pictures to your emails straight from your mobile phone.

The e-mail on the Nokia N8 looks and behaves like the email applications you’re used to on your PC. You even get cool new features just for mobile users, for example messaging preview. When you receive a new e-mail, you’re notified with an email alert and/or vibration, and even an @ sign appears on your N8 device.

You can take a glimpse of the awesome new tool in the video below. Will you be using this application when you get your Nokia N8, or would you rather use a number of different applications that you are used to for your communication needs?