Nokia N8 32GB

Nokia N8 32GB available for purchase

It’s finally here, the Nokia N8 32GB – the latest version of Nokia’s Symbian^3 mobile phone. As it also comes with a microSD slot, you can now have up to a massive 64GB of storage on your Nokia N8 – pretty impressive! If you’ve been holding out on buying an N8 due to the ‘lack’ of storage space, then the 32GB model will be the perfect smartphone for you and is set to go on sale very soon.

The Nokia N8 is a very impressive mobile phone that sports an epic 12-Megapixel camera, excellent build quality and tonnes of other features such as the USB on-the-go and the HMDI port, which can be used to hook up to your TV and watch videos seamlessly from your mobile phone.

The 32GB Nokia N8 is due to be put on sale very soon and this is reassured by the fact that Nokia have recently sent out emails, highlighting six great Ovi apps for the powerhouses new model, the Nokia N8 32GB. As soon as the phone is available, we will let you guys know right here on this website, so keep checking back.


D’oh, it seems there’s been an error on Nokia’s behalf. Their previously mis-leading newsletter made it seem like there was a 32GB model of the phone in the offing, however a re-written and re-submitted newsletter clarifies the situation: the article says you can get your hands on a Nokia N8 16GB with an additional 16GB microSD, which adds up to 32GB. Nokia as mentioned above have sent out a new article that clarifies this.

If there was a 32GB model coming out, which it now seems there isn’t, what would you use the extra space for?