Nokia N8 advertisement at Grammy Awards

Nokia N8 advertisement spotted at Grammy’s

The Nokia N8 has had an inclusion of their newest advert in the advertisement spots during the commercials for the Grammy’s on Feb 13th and the Academy Awards which will be aired on Feb 27th. The singer in the advert says, “Don’t fence me in”, while the speaker says, “Made for making… the Nokia N8″. It’s good to see that the Nokia N8 has finally been advertised during prime-time slots, making the phone more known among the world.

In the advert below, you will notice that the advert scopes mainly on the Nokia N8′s camera and video recording capabilities, which are obviously the main selling points of the mobile phone. The advert is very simple yet effective, making for a great advertising spectacle for Nokia. The music in the advert is actually great and very catchy, giving it a greater and broader audience to aim at. One thing worth noting is that the advert prompts interested buyers to go to Amazon, rather than Nokia’s online store. This in itself is actually quite a good idea as Amazon has consistently the lowest prices on Nokia devices.

What are your thoughts on the advert, would it make you want to buy the Nokia N8?