Air Hockey Free for Nokia N8

Nokia N8 Air Hockey Free game

Surely everybody has played Air Hockey at some point in their lives, it’s an old game that has lived on through the test of time. Now you can get Air Hockey right on your Nokia N8 mobile phone, for free from the Ovi Store – that’s right, a free Air Hockey game right on your mobile phone.

You have to control a ‘paddle’ on a virtual hockey board, which can be dragged by using your finger on the touchscreen. The aim of the game is to use the paddle to both defend your goal and to assault your opponents goal. It’s a very simple, yet addictive, fun game.

As you will see if you download the game, when you start it up the presentation is rather basic, but that’s not the major selling point of a game. The gameplay is where it’s all at and luckily for Air Hockey Free, it has great gameplay and lots of fun re-playability. There’s also plenty of space for you to ply your trade on the hockey board, so if you’re like us and have ‘sausage fingers’, you’ll still find playing easy and as fun as possible.

For those looking for a free, fun and addictive game then Air Hockey Free for the Nokia N8 is a great addition to your app family. Whether you’re wanting to waste a few minutes en-route to college or on any other commute, or even pass a few minutes waiting for anything else, then this application will definitely help in that department.

Price: FREE
Download: Air Hockey Free for the Nokia N8