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  1. Rating: +2

    What is the best music recognition service for the Nokia N8?

  2. Rating: -1

    I have a problem getting the social app working after the latest update. It used to work fine. Is there a problem at Nokia 's side or do I have to do something. Ive tried reinst the phone software through the ovi. But the problem remains. Thanks

  3. my SOCIAL app doesn't connects it says gateway error it was Workin perfectly fine but iam Havin this problem from a week

  4. I have a problem with my widget boxes, the letters and pictures are gets oversized after installing the SPB weather widget. The SPB widget is already uninstalled, but the bugs is still there. Do you have any suggestions to get my widget boxes gets normal?

  5. Rating: +1

    How do I search for people or pages on facebook? I have certain pages I like to look at, but don't know how to see them. Is there a way to search? Thanks

  6. Rating: -4

    I’m having a prb with my n8 contacts. When I save a number +9471xxxxxxx like this when a sms comes it will show the name. when a call comes it shows only the number. so I have 2 save 071xxxxxxx like this 2 see the caller’s now I have save single number in both ways to overcome this prb.any1n have better idea 4 this.plz help me thankzzz

  7. i was using PC suite with Nokia 5800. Have just bought N8. It uses Ovi. 1. How i get to put my data from PCsuite s/w to N8 2. I am not comfotrable putting my data on OVi Hard disk is fine. What is the alternative

  8. I have a problem with the Nokia web browser accessing certain web site. When I go to certain websites, it'll say "Disallowed Key Characters".

  9. Can the Music Player for N8 be able to play an M3U file of URLs? For example, an M3U file has URLs pointing to MP3s on an internet facing server (

  10. Rating: +1

    When I use facebook on my N8, the photos appear to be extremely small! Even when I zoom in the page, the text around the photos become big, but the photo only zooms in a little bit and becomes incredibly grainy. Is there any way to fix this - to open up the photo to its proper size? Is there also a way to save the photo? Appreciate any help given on this topic, because it's really annoying.

  11. Rating: -2

    is there any way i can play a rmvb file without lag ? can u suggest any free video file players ??

  12. i need a nes emulator for my n8

  13. Can Nokia N8 play .mp3 files?

  14. Nokia N8 Ovi Store no paid apps available

  15. Rating: +2

    Can the Nokia N8 install Maemo apps?

  16. How to add folder as shortcut on Nokia N8

  17. Rating: +0

    How can I uninstall an application on my Nokia N8?

  18. Rating: +0

    Can i connect Nokia N8 to TV via 3.5mm AV connector?

  19. How to restore web TV apps on Nokia N8

  20. Does the Nokia N8 support playback of .rmvb files?

  21. i want to remove some of the apps from my n8. Ho i can do that ?