Nokia N8 web browser disallowed key characters

Q: I have a problem with the Nokia web browser accessing certain web site.
When I go to certain websites, it’ll say “Disallowed Key Characters”.


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We're not too sure about this error. We've not personally experienced the error nor did we know it even existed. The best idea would be to try to back up your Nokia N8 and then set your phone to factory defaults by entering *#7780# into your keypad on the phone.

Remember though, you should always back up your data, which you can do using a program such as this one which is free of charge and comes with a 50mb data quota.

If this fails, or you don't wish to do such a thing, let us know what the website address is by sending an email using the from on right hand side of this website - we will try to recreate and fix the error that you mention and then tell you how we managed to solve it.