Photos appear small on Facebook via web

Q: When I use facebook on my N8, the photos appear to be extremely small! Even when I zoom in the page, the text around the photos become big, but the photo only zooms in a little bit and becomes incredibly grainy.

Is there any way to fix this – to open up the photo to its proper size? Is there also a way to save the photo?

Appreciate any help given on this topic, because it’s really annoying.


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Sadly there is no known way to fix this. We've tried everything possible and were not able to get it working. It's a problem with the browser on the Nokia N8, which we hope will be fixed in the PR 1.1 release due sometime in February as explained here; Nokia N8 PR 1.1 delayed until February

As for the question about saving the photo, it doesn't appear there's a way to save the photo either. The Nokia N8 has many annoying features, which hopefully they will fix sooner rather than later.