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Nokia N8 Audi R8 theme

Audi create some of the best cars in the world and with the technology and power their cars have, it’s really easy to see why. In particular, the Audi R8 is an awesome car that many yearn to have but very few actually have, which makes the car even more must have. If you’re a fan of just cars, Audi or in particular the Audio R8 then this theme will definitely bring your Nokia N8 or other Symbian^3 mobile phone to life.

The theme was created by jAAno420. To download the theme click the download link below.

Note: If you see a “Theme corrupted” message after connecting your Nokia N8 to a computer, please disregard message. 90% of all Nokia N8 themes on the internet have this issue. Just set your theme back once you’ve finished with connecting your phone to a computer. Every single theme we host has been tested by our team to ensure compatibility with the Nokia N8.

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