PocketLock for the Nokia N8

Nokia N8 automatic lock app

If you’re tired of having to lock and unlock your Nokia N8 every time you use it, then we have found a solution that will help you get over this boring repetitive task. PocketLock has the ability to automatically lock and unlock your phone without any intervention from the user, which is pretty new in the mobile phone market and something i’ve never personally seen before on any mobile phone model.

The option to not manually lock or unlock your Nokia N8 is a god send for some people and PocketLock helps you achieve just that – the ability to lock and unlock without touching a button or pressing anything on the screen. As soon as you put your phone into your pocket, bag or anything else that involves putting the phone inside somewhere the phone will automatically lock itself and when you take it back out, unlock itself and when you put it back – guess what, it locks itself again.

With PocketLock for the Nokia N8 it doesn’t require anything to get up and running, simply put your phone in to your pocket and it will lock, simple as that. The application actually uses your phones light sensor to determine when it’s in your pocket and locking the phone automatically when it’s covered or obscured.

Another handy little feature is that you can turn off the auto-activation, so your Nokia N8 will lock itself only when you want it to. So let’s say for example your playing a game, it’s very possible that you’ll cover the light sensor by accident whilst in the middle of an epic battle or whatnot, which may let the app think it’s in your pocket when it’s actually not – thus locking the phone – you definitely don’t want that to happen mid-game.

The application runs in the background, so we’re not too sure how it will change the duration of your battery life, we’ve not noticed anything major just yet. Edit: After a few days of use, it’s safe to say that battery isn’t effected to a point where you notice a decline in use time.

If you get your hands on this free application, let us know how it works for you and what you think about it.

Price: FREE
Download: PocketLock for the Nokia N8