Symbian Anna confirmed

Nokia N8 available in the USA

At long last the update all Americans have been waiting for has finally landed on their Nokia N8 smartphones. The update comes after a long time in waiting with American users waiting months longer than the rest of the world – yep, you can always rely on Nokia for some controversy. Although the update is finally here it will probably not make much difference to the impact the seemingly poor customer service has had on its users in the USA – many claiming they will never own another Nokia phone again, whilst others are seemingly unbothered by the epicly late update and lack of communications from Nokia themselves.

I wrote an article Symbian Anna still not released in USA a few weeks back and according to the comment feedback it’s plain to see that there are many upset American citizens. I for one have lost a little faith in Nokia and probably won’t be owning another one of their products for a long time, but hey-ho, stuff happens, consumers get mad but the world continues to revolve.

Anyway, here are the all important product codes. If your product code is listed here, then Symbian Anna should be available for you. To check your product code simply enter *#0000# in to your keypad.

Product codes: 059G196 / 0599218 / 0599222 / 0599226 / 0599230 / 0599236 / 059D111 / 059C8T6 / 059D110 / 059D112 / 059G700 / 059D0V2

So the question has to be asked to you guys who have just received your update. Was it truly worth the wait, if so, why?