Nokia N8 Battery Extender Pro review

There is nothing worse than running out of battery at crucial times, or at times where your phone will be useful to you as your battery is slowly but surely depleting. Battery Extender Pro for the Nokia N8 does what it says on the tin (well, if it had a tin that is) – it simply acts as a timesaver and a battery saver, giving you more time to do what you want with your phone before you have to do the dreaded… Charge your phone. For a chance to win one of TEN Battery Extender Pro licenses, keep reading on…

The application allows you to customize all manner of settings, such as the backlight brightness, backlight time-out, Bluetooth, GPS settings, close applications and auto-rotate. You are able to adjust these settings based on how much battery you have left, which is measured in bars – starting from 7 bars scaling down to 1 (see image 4).

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For example, let’s say you have 7 bars of battery left on your phone, then a short while later you have 4 bars left – you can program Battery Extender Pro to automatically lower your backlight brightness once it has hit the 4 bar threshold, meaning you will inevitably save battery. You can do this with all of the above settings, make them change based on the current battery level of the phone (1 bar, 2 bar, 3 bar, 4 bar – you get the idea) – making our battery survive, for longer.

There are a number of different profiles to choose from (image 2), each can be personalised to cater for your different needs, giving you more flexibility and saving you time by easily skipping through the profiles. You could for example, have a profile for saving battery with 100% efficiency, one for saving battery with 50% efficiency etc.

The genius part of this application is the ability to turn off applications when your battery reaches a certain level. If you like to have applications running in the background, but also want to reserve your battery, you can program Battery Extender Pro to close applications that you choose (image 3) when you reach the battery level that you desire.


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Price: €5.00 / £4.00
Download: Battery Extender Pro for Nokia N8